Sailing with the spirits of John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts on a new voyage of discovery around Baja California

The Log

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back to the Sea of Cortez.

March 11-March 25:
Preparing to embark

March 26-April 6:
The Pacific Coast—
Eating our way through the ecosystem

April 7-12:
Cabo San Lucas to La Paz—
A coast "ferocious with life"

April 13-18:
Isla Cayo to El Estuche—
A remote roadless coast full of spirits

April 19-22:
Loreto to Santa Rosalia—
A new generation of conservationists

April 23-30:
Cabo Virgenes to Puerto Refugio—
Encounters with the jumbo squid

May 1-7:
Puerto Peñasco to Isla San Pedro Martir—
Drifting in a mysterious gyre

May 8-12:
San Carlos to Agiabampo—
Two faces of the Sea of Cortez

May 13-17:
La Paz—
Why we know we must return
to the Sea of Cortez

May 18-May 23:
La Paz to San Quintin—
Coming home through the "Baja Bash"

June 12:
Return to Monterey

Baja California & The Sea of Cortez
Image provided by SeaWiFS Project
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


The Western Flyer:
the fishing boat that John Steinbeck
and Ed Ricketts took to
the Sea of Cortez.
photo courtesy Bob Enea.


The Gus-D:
the fishing boat we will take
back to the Sea of Cortez.


Sea of Cortez:
A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research


The Log from the Sea of Cortez